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“If you saw them at last years Jazz and Blues festival you probably haven’t forgotten the funky Brickhouse band and the great impression they made on the dancing cheering crowd” - The Times 

"Brickhouse is the epitome of 'Live Music Rules'. These guys played our 2007 festival and definitely *knocked 'em dead!* They played a huge part in making this the most successful festival we've ever had. What a headliner. Leave room for people to dance, you won't be able to keep them sitting. For a guaranteed draw and a happy crowd, it's a 'lock' with Brickhouse."
- Keith Alexander, Artistic Director Edge of the World Music Festival 

“2004 Best Canadian Live Band/All Genres"

- Real Blues Magazine 

"Last Thursday I went to the Fairview Pub to play some pool, drink a beer and groove to Brickhouse fronted by Rob Bracken. If you are from Vancouver, you may already know Brickhouse. If you are curious why you should care about a band with a name like a building, they are funky, soulful and reflective six-piece R&B act shining at the Fairview (on Broadway) every Thursday at 10pm. The crowd Brickhouse attracts is calm and happy but definitely know how to party.

Back to Brickhouse. Before the set began I took a good look around: A loving kiss; a knowing smile; pretty romantic. On the first beat, people began dancing! I thought to myself, "These guys really control the emotion of the entire room". I could feel that joy one is intended to attain by singing or hearing the Blues. Brickhouse does not prepare an individual setlist for each night, I could hear a sprinkle of Brian Setzer (Jump, Jive an' Wail) in the performance. The sound of Brickhouse is in the same league as Robbie Williams, Maroon 5 and Rob Thomas but with superior lead vocals. Bracken was smiling as if he was thinking of a special someone during his smooth lyrical stories. Strong backup vocals contented me because a single poor backup vocalist can often
break a band. Carlos Santana-influenced guitar solos also brought a smile to my face. The Brickhouse experience is inclusive not exclusive, which means all ages, race and religions are
welcome to the party"

-Indie Vancouver

Band members

Rob Bracken - Lead Vocals and Harmonica
Ray Keesh - 
Bass Guitar
Ed Johnson - 
Drums and Percussion
Oldrich (OZ) Zitek - 
Neil Cruickshank 
Guitar and Backing Vocals 
Darryl Havers - 
Hammond Organ, Keyboards and Backing Vocals